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Calling People to Christ, Who Call Others to Him

Resurrection City Church is a young and growing, multi-ethnic church that desires to love Jesus, Avondale and you.  We gather for worship every Sunday at 12:00PM. You can join us at 2645 W. Belmont Ave (Concordia Belmont’s building). Service is low key and dress is casual. For more information please email:

At Resurrection City Church we are blown away that the God of the universe, the second person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ, wrapped Himself in flesh, was born as a baby (just like us), lived a perfect-sinless life (not like us) and willingly and purposefully, in our place, bore our sin in His body when crucified on a Roman tree some 2,000 years ago.  Three days later Jesus rose from the grave and in doing so He defeated sin, satan and death.  And for all those who by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, receive Christ in true repentance, they are set free from the bondage of sin and are able to experience a true and lasting hope, in this life and in eternity. As a redeemed people, through the power of God’s Spirit, we long to see men, women and children come to know the saving grace of God through the person and work of Jesus Christ.  This world can only offer a “bumper-sticker hope,” a fleeting, “temporary-tattoo hope,” the kind of hope you have to pay for, work for and be good enough for.  That kind of hope doesn’t last but always fades away.  Our prayer at Resurrection City Church is that many might, through Jesus, experience true and lasting hope found only in Him. >>>>

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Upcoming Events

Join us on the last Friday of every month at 6:30pm for a Connect Cookout. Bring yourself, a beverage of your choosing and a side dish. Email:

Connect Cookout

At Resurrection City Church we are passionate about connecting with God, each other and our neighbors.  As followers of Jesus Christ we desire to cultivate our walk with Christ so that we might grow in Christ-likeness.  As ambassadors of Christ we seek to converge on our neighborhood to share the good news about our savior.

What does it look like to connect, cultivate and converge?


Once a month we have a family style meal (cookout) in which we invite our neighbors.  Our desire is to genuinely connect with our neighbors and show the Gospel through hospitality.


We meet every Tuesday (6:30-830PM) to cultivate our faith in Christ and remind each other of the Gospel and it’s power to transform lives.  We dig into Scripture, praying for one another, sing and usually eat a dessert. Both believer and non-believer are welcome to attend. Tuesday Connect Groups are a great way to find out more about us.


At least once a month we want to converge on our neighborhood to show and tell the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This may look like joining an already existing community project, blessing those affected by homelessness, performing a maintenance project for a neighbor or prayer walking.

If you’d like to check out a C3 and connect with others over a monthly meal, cultivate your faith in Christ (or simply find out more about the person and work of Jesus Christ) and converge on the Avondale neighborhood to serve please email us at:  Thank you!

Where and when do we gather?

We gather every Sunday at 12:00PM. You can join us at 2645 W. Belmont Ave.


What is our Mission?

At Resurrection City Church we are committed to the City of Chicago.  We believe God has many people in this great city who belong to Him.  Because of the atoning work of the resurrected Christ, it is our desire at Resurrection City Church to live intentionally which means sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, in both word and deed.  As we intentionally live out our faith at home, at work, at play, in our neighborhoods and in our great city we believe Jesus Christ will use us in drawing many to Himself and bringing much glory to His name.

Our Mission at Resurrection City Church is:
Calling people to Christ who call others to Him
Matt.28:18-20; Acts 18:9-10; 2 Cor.5:20-21

What is our Vision?

While every Church shares the same mission of making disciple-making disciples (Matt. 28:18-20) God gives and gifts each local church with a unique vision on how to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission. At Resurrection City Church our vision for reaching the lost with the good news of Jesus Christ is birthed from Luke 19:1-10.  In this passage, Luke recounts Christ’s interaction with a despised sinner named Zacchaeus. Christ sees Zacchaeus, calls him to Himself and saves Zacchaeus’ sin sick soul so that Zacchaeus might truly know Him as Lord and Savior.

The Vision of Resurrection City Church is:
Through the Gospel, we desire to SEE, CALL and KNOW others, that by God’s grace many people might experience the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.  
Matt. 9:35-38, 28:18-20; Rom. 1:16; 2 Cor. 5:20-21; Eph. 2:1-10; Phil. 2:1-11

What does the vision of Resurrection City Church look like lived out?

EVANGELISM: As we seek to reach the lost we cry out for the Holy Spirit to help us see the lost, that is, to have a compassion for those perishing apart from knowing Jesus as their Savior.  In addition, as we seek to call the lost to Christ we pray for courage to trust in the sovereign work of God and the power of the Gospel.  As we seek to know the lost that they might know Jesus Christ as Savior we model the example of God who is a staying God.  We do this by entering into the lives of those who don’t know Christ and staying.

DISCIPLESHIP:  As those who have experienced true eternal change (just like Zacchaeus did) we embrace lives marked by restored worship, a change in affections and a new identity in Jesus Christ.   Through the power of the Holy Spirit we want to see God work in our lives, call upon Him in our joy and sorrow, and grow in our knowledge and understanding of His grace.  As we journey together toward Christ we want to see each other as redeemed, as well as having value to God and one other.  We want to spur each other onward by calling each other to remember God’s grace in saving us.  Lastly we model our faithful God by entering each others lives and staying.    

What are our Values?

God’s Story:

At Resurrection City Church we believe the good news (Gospel) of Jesus Christ’s life, death, burial and resurrection is the greatest and most powerful love story every told.  Because we value God’s Story we strive to make it the center of all we believe, teach and practice (Jn.3:16; 1Cor.5:21; Eph.1:3-14; 5:25-27).


God’s Word:

We believe God has spoken and in doing so revealed Himself (His divine attributes and holy character) clearly in Scripture.  Scripture, God’s word is without error and sufficient in speaking to every facet of human life.  Because we value God’s word at Resurrection City Church we strive to sit under it’s authority. (Luke 24:27; Heb.4:12; 2Tim.3:16-17).


God’s Power:

While you won’t see an “open mic” in a worship gathering at Resurrection City Church we still desire to be a people who both recognizes our need for the Holy Spirit and at the same time celebrate the Holy Spirit’s work in and through us.  Because we value God’s power and believe God is the same yesterday, today and forever we acknowledge the ministry of the Holy Spirit (Acts1:8; Rom.8:11,16,26; Heb.13:8).


God’s Witness:

At Resurrection City Church we value that Scripture has called us to be living witnesses of Jesus Christ.  Because we value God’s witness in our lives we want to be a people who are marked and identified by love (for God & others), prayer, evangelism, hospitality and generosity (Prov.19:17; Matt.5:16; 28:18-20; Luke 10:27, 21:1-4; Acts1:8; Rom.12:15; 2 Cor.9:7; Eph.6:18; Phil.2:15; 4:6; Col.1:9; 1 Pet.4:9; 1 John 3:17; Jam.5:16).

What are our Doctrinal Distinctives?

In short, Resurrection City Church holds firmly to the Doctrines of Grace, is baptistic, Spirit and elder led, complementarian and missional.


Member of SEND Network

How can you get a free cup of coffee?

Pastor Dave would love to sit down and get to know you over a free cup of coffee (or tea).  Shoot him a message through the contact page or email him at so he can set up a date and time.

How can you send a prayer request?

Unfortunately many Christians regard prayer as their last resort.  It’s what many of us do when we’ve exhausted our own human efforts.  At RCC we believe that God’s Word, Christ’s Body (The Church Universal) and prayer are in fact our greatest weapons.  Scripture tells us that as a part of Christ’s current ministry, He intercedes on behalf of the Believer (Rom.8:34; Heb.7:25).  Likewise, Scripture tells us that The Holy Spirit also intercedes for the Believer (Rom.8:24-26).  Lastly, Scripture calls the Body of Christ to pray for one another (Eph.6:18; Col.1:9; 4:2; 1Thess.5:16-18; James 5:16).

All this to say that we’d love to pray with you.  Shoot us a prayer request by clicking this link so that we can intercede on your behalf.


“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need” Heb.4:16

Pastor Dave Andreson

Dave-12 Pastor Dave and his family have Chicago in their blood. Dave’s great grandparents settled in Chicago’s West Englewood neighborhood in 1920 and his wife’s family settled in Chicago just after WW2. While Dave grew up in a Christian home, it wasn’t until he was in his late twenties, while on a trip to China that God called him to Himself. Pastor Dave is married to Kirsten and father to four children. Pas

If you’d like to connect with Dave please email:

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